Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Things I forget

1. Normal sleeping hours. I forget that real adults go to work at 9, so they can't just sleep 3-11. Actually, this has only been aggravated by finals. At this point, I'm pretty much nocturnal  I've been going to sleep between 4 and 5 and getting up around noon. It's chill.

2. Cars. Today I walked to Target for like 3 things I needed to buy before I go to Hawaii. I reached the Pike and felt ridiculous jolted by all the cars going to fast!
2.5. Life before public transport. I get into Philly around once a week, so I take public transport like once a week. I forget what it was like to go where I wanted when I wanted, not dictated by the times of the hourly trains from Swat to Philly.

3. Wet feet. It's still t-shirt weather some days out here. It's funny to think that at home I would be trudging through snow across the quad and living every day with wet feet. I know I'm supposed to miss the snow, but I don't at all. I love my dry feet.

4. Food prayers. For the longest time, I had this compulsion to pray before eating if I was eating in a home. But I've very quickly adjusted to not praying before I eat here, because I never eat in a home environment  So it's good to have adjusted. But it also makes me a little bit sad, because it's a tradition - it's in my roots.
4.5 Thanksgiving prayer. The only moment during Thanksgiving when I was really sad that I wasn't home was when we said prayer over Thanksgiving dinner and it wasn't Lorin praying.

5. TVs. Yesterday I took an extra long studybreak and got a $10-manicure in the ville. It was really funny because they had a TV on the wall and it just looked so big compared to watching Hulu on my 11-inch computer screen.

6. Makeup. I've pretty much given up makeup entirely with finals. It's like my Sophomore year of high school, when I also bailed on makeup for a few months. But right now I can't believe I wore makeup every day this summer. Who has time to spend 10 minutes putting makeup on every morning?

7. Coloring my hair. I've officially quit coloring my hair. It's getting pretty grown out, but that doesn't matter so much. I'm kinda chill with letting it be it's natural color. I used to love coloring my hair every 6-8 weeks, but I don't mind giving it up. It's easier, and more low-key.

8. Busy work. One of my favorite things about college academics is that (almost) everything that's graded is about demonstrating a depth of understanding and analysis instead of proving you are capable of memorizing. Actually, that principle is one of my favorite things about English. Anyway, I don't mind writing all these papers because I think I do actually understand my course material better than I would otherwise.

9. Life before Sriracha. I now put Sriracha on all my food. How did I eat for 18 years without it?

10. Short nails. In May I decided to quit biting my nails and I did it! Breaking a habit like that is a pretty big deal for me. I love my longer nails, and I love painting them, (and I love biting the polish off instead of biting my nails when I get stressed). Why has this not always been a thing?

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