Monday, December 3, 2012

Playing with poetry

I've been reading Gertrude Stein. Specifically, I've been reading "Four Saints in Three Acts". My favorite quote about Gertrude Stein is: The two things you never asked Gertrude, ever, were about her being a lesbian and what her writing meant. Today I wrote a mimic of sorts. I dunno what it is. But I had fun playing with language again. It's been a while. 

good grief good grief
there is no such good

grief no such thing
of the trees
of the angels no such thing
of my god         oh my god
oh my god oh my god why

hast thou forsaken
thy sun

sparkling in the snow in the sand
in the sad dark
sad dark pathways
in the sad dark moon

where language fails one
drowned in the sound of the distance
in a damn well-given
in thick

skin thick skin thick
will still will still still will suffer
skin protecting
protecting weak hearts sm
all minds 

PS. For the first time tonight I've been in the library until it closed at 2. Hello end of semester. 

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