Friday, December 21, 2012

Mission Accomplished

I made it! I've successfully completed my first semester of college! Wooooo!
Unfortunately, this means that when I come back, I will be getting real grades in my classes, instead of the pass/fail grades I was accustomed to this semester. But it's cool. I can handle it.
In a little over an hour, I'll catch my ride to the airport, board 3 planes, and in 17 hours I'll be in Hawaii! I'm the last one in my family (out of all 20 of us) to get there, but it's okay. Because I'm going to Hawaii. Hello sun, and reading for pleasure, and family time. A whole month off school can't come fast enough.
Sorta. Okay, I've been complaining a lot the past 2 weeks. As I'm sitting here actually thinking about this semester, it's been so good. I've really loved the stuff I have studied. Most days, I derived pleasure from going to class. And though I've only been here a month, I've made some really good friends, who I care about a lot. And I've learned that I'm actually half-decent at being an adult. I've figured a few things out that have made a big difference.
Yes, all things considered, I'm so grateful to have had this semester, and I the next one should be even better.

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