Saturday, November 3, 2012

Typing Tests

One of Lorin's favorite stories to tell me is about my dad's typing. He would only type with his index fingers, because in school he was too stubborn to learn to do it the way that everyone else did. Then, when he got older, not only was he too stubborn to change, but he was also insistant he would type as well as everyone else. So he learned to type as fast with two fingers as anyone else could with all ten. And he got through law school that way. 
My roommate is another one of those people that types with just index fingers. Discovering that she typed this way led to discussions of WPM typing. Which led, naturally, to typing tests. Which led to me finding out I type pretty fast. Approximately 85 WPM, in fact:
Discovering I can type fast led to me playing typing games nonstop. Seriously. How to fail college: kid's typing games. There's one in particular that the kids taught me about once when I was babysitting them. It's called Spider Typer. It's awesome. I win. 

*   *   *

Day 3: Today I am grateful for the little home of close friends I have at Swat. I'm grateful that I ended up living on a hall with people that are just phenomenal humans, and I'm so grateful that they've become my close friends. 

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