Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thing one, thing two

One thing I should do more often: go to bed at a reasonable hour.

One thing I should do less often: pick the nail polish off my nails a day or two after I paint them.

Also, it's November 6th. SO GET OUT AND VOTE. Preferably, for Obama, but even if you like Mittens, get out and vote. It's important.

*   *   *

Day 6: Today I am thankful for this three-way iMessage threat that Kat, Alex, and I have going. Almost every day there's some conversation. But it's not like "this is what I did today". It's the quirky random things we would tell each other or discuss were we together - the conversations we'd have walking across the quad or at Whole Foods for lunch. The thread is hilarious, and darling, and makes me happy in my heart because it's a maintaining of our friend group. Which is different than maintaining a friendship.

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