Saturday, November 10, 2012


Plant Yourself: A List of Things that Keep Me Grounded
  • Hiding places: I have times when I need to hide and be on my own. When I feel myself slipping into the crowd, or slipping into the person I'm not or worse, the person I don't want to be I hide for a little bit. A little bit of time without any other factors to feel cozy inside myself.
  • Advice: When I get good advice, or someone says something that makes me warm, I write it down, usually in my journal. When I'm struggling with living authentically, I go back to my journals and remember. 
  • Anchors: I believe in personal governing principles and values, and I keep my roots anchored through integrity to them. Doing it 100% of the time, instead of 98 keeps me grounded, because I know where I stand. For me, being grounded has really come to mean I hold to the things I believe, so I'm not a cork bobbing in a stream.
  • Lessons learned: Another function of my journal is helping me with the lessons I've learned. It's a two-part thing; it helps me figure out what I've learned, and gives me a place to write them down. I try really hard to hold tight the lessons I've learned. They're important. They keep me tied to my better self.
  • One day: Thinking about where I can go keeps me grounded. When I want to blow life off or when I want to put something that isn't that valuable in front of something that matters a lot to me, I try to remember that one day I might be somewhere awesome, which is just enough of a push to make me reconsider.
  • Miss Ohio: There's this song called "Look at Miss Ohio" that I heard for the first time years ago, the first time I was at Birch Creek. The chorus goes "I wanna do right, but not right now." Which is so inherently true of me. And I don't want it to be. Remembering to do it right now keeps me grounded in the present, and the importance of doing it now. Because the small decisions really determine where I'm headed. 
  • Gratitude Lists: This is especially applicable this month, but something I've been going at for a while. It started in January, really. I've held to it. I don't make gratitude lists with scheduled regularness, but I do when I need to. Gratitude lists help me avoid getting too wrapped up in life, but more importantly, keep me grounded in the good things.

*   *   *

Day 10: Today I am grateful for small kindnesses from friends and from strangers.

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