Friday, November 2, 2012


My name is a palindrome. That means it is spelled the same way backwards and forwards. H A N N A H. Awesome, huh?
When I was little, that was one of the first things about me that people, particularly kids, would comment on. When you're little, and you have a six-letter panlindromic name (as opposed to the lame three and four letter ones), you're pretty cool. It's also how kids would remember the H at the end, which is not always there. I've personally always felt a lot of affinity for that H.
As I got older, palindromes became less novel. Kids learned longer, cooler ones. Like "racecar" or "madam I'm adam" or "a man a plan a canal panama" and later "dammit I'm mad" and the mother of all palindromes (because even the spacing is right): rats live on no evil star. But every once in a while people would comment on my palindrome name, and it made me feel special.
In English the other day, palindromes somehow came up. And it felt like having a friend come back after a long visit. It literally said aloud "oh yeah, my name's a palindrome." I hadn't forgotten, but the thought hadn't crossed my mind in a while. I liked having it back. It reminded me of one of the reasons I love my name. Because I do. I really love my name.
When people ask, I usually say I won't change my last name if/when I get married. I really don't plan on it. But if I married someone with a palindrome last name, then I'd probably have to go for it.

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The Student Wellness Center is doing 30 Days of Gratitude challenge: "each day over the next 30 days take a moment out of your schedule to reflect on what you have to be thankful for." Obviously, I'm in. But I think I'll put them on here after my daily posts, instead of in my journal.
Catch-up day 1: A nail polish I ordered came in the mail. It's OPI's "Wine Me & Dine Me" and it's the most beautiful color ever created.
Day 2: I did laundry today, which means I get to sleep in clean sheets and a made bed.

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