Monday, November 26, 2012

In my closet

Winter is setting in. Once the sun goes down, I can see my breath. And walking outside is brutal, because the metal of my earrings gets cold. But not normal cold. It gets so cold that my ears hurt. I guess that's what I get for having so many holes in my ears.

With the onset of winter, all I can think about is cozy. Whenever I go shopping, or open my closet to get clothes for the day, all I want is cozy. After years of uniform, I don't give a damn about pretty. All I want is something soft and warm. Consequently, I have developed a huge affinity for four items in my closet. They make up a funny-looking, but oh so cozy outfit that I pretty much wear whenever I am in my dorm.

First is my giant scarf/wrap. Before going east, I didn't realize how necessary scarfs are. Now I'm wedded to them, and this one is my favorite.
It looks like a normal scarf in the picture, but really it measures 38 x 80 inches. It's almost a blanket. But it works as a scarf. It's ridiculously soft and warm. And when it gets really chilly, I wrap it all the way around my neck twice, so that it gets piled up to my ears.

Next is my patagonia flannel.

This thing is the softest flannel ever. Yes, I look a little bit like a lumber jack, but it's worth it, because I'm also warm. Take that winter. I like that it's thin enough that I can wear it under a sweatshirt and/or a coat, but that it is also warm enough itself to keep me warm when I'm inside.

Next are my lululemon leggings.
Some crazies (like Suri Cruise) like to insist that leggings are not pants. I think those people are batshit. Not only are leggings pants, leggings are the best kinds of pants ever made. They are soft and warm and, most importantly, they are cozy. Especially these ones. If I could afford it, I would buy six more pairs, replace all my other pants with these leggings, and be wearing them at all times. 

Last are my toms botas. Until recently, namely when I bought these, I was not aware that botas were at thing. I'm still not sure they are a thing, because the dictionary tells me that a botas is a leather bottle for wine. Basically a botas is what Hemingway carried around in The Sun Also Rises

Although these shoes are not a leather bottle for wine, they are incredible. There's a thick fleece inside it all. They keep my feet so warm. It's to die for. And they're comfy. And easy to put on, which matters in the mornings when I'm like "11:30 is too damn early for me to get to class." Unlike other toms, they're a real sole, which I appreciate. And I kinda love that they look boyish. 

So there we are. Hannah's guide to being cozy. When other people blog about their clothes, they talk about the pretty outfits. Not this girl. But at least I'm warm!

*   *   *

Day 26: I am really grateful for my classmates. With the end of the semester, classes are starting to get super busy, and I've had several group projects. But each of them has been really fun, because I love the people I get to work with. It's just so much fun to work with people who are excited about what we're doing, who know they have things to contribute, and who take part in what's going on. Lucky lucky me. 

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