Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm on holiday.

Guess where I am?  New York City. With Kat. Woooooooooooo.

I got here last night. We hugged and put on warm clothes and immediately headed to Max Brenner, because we are best friends. We sat at the bar and had Italian dark chocolate hot chocolate. It comes in funny-shaped "hug mugs" and is thick like a melted chocolate bar. Basically it was perfect.

There was a Whole Foods next door. We had lunch there. That made me happy because Whole Foods is kind of our thing. Whole Foods lunches with Kat makes the list of top five things I've had a hard time adjusting to living without.

There was a Christmas market at Union Square. We walked around it.  We hung out in Starbucks for a while, and did homework and talked. So natural and normal. You know you've got a real best friend when visiting each other means you just want time to be around each other, not even go on adventures. That's another thing I miss a lot: doing things like sitting at Coffee Garden and talking about the book we just read in English, or doing the reading for history.

This morning also needed to be a homework morning. So Kat got up earlier than me, like she always does, and went to Joe's. A couple hours later I met her there. But I didn't want to work so I watched America's Next Top Model on Hulu while she finished her Russian homework.

We spent the afternoon in Brooklyn, because we were trying to stalk Jonathan Safran Foer. Kat looked up all the places he's known for hanging out. We tried those, but he wasn't there. In the end, though, it was okay, because it was a great day. It was an awesome area of Brooklyn, and we just walked and walked and walked. And went in the little independent shops. Bought a few things, but not too much. Enjoyed that it was perfect fall, chilly, sweater-and-scarf-wearing weather.

Once it got dark, we tried to go to a movie. But all the movies but Twilight were sold out, so we obviously didn't go to a movie. We got really good but overpriced middle eastern food for dinner and more excellent hot chocolate for dessert. Then we walked 40 blocks back to Barnard, because even thought it was far, it was a nice night. And mostly it was nice to walk together.

I love coming to New York to visit Kat because we're good at hanging out together. It's nice that it's still so natural. Nice that right now we're sitting on her bed and she's reading and I'm blogging and it's okay to sit in silence. Nice that we just talk, and catch up on lives. Not catch-up in the "here are the big things that are going on", but more catch up in the way you only can when you've got a while. The little stories and funny details come out. The things that don't matter, but that keep you close. I heart my best friend.

*   *   *

Day 16: I am grateful for damn good chocolate,
Day 17: I am grateful for best friend time, when you get to say all the things that you can't say to anyone else. 

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