Tuesday, October 2, 2012


So here's the fun fact du jour: I joined the debate team.
I did debate in high school, but I had a complex relationship with debate. On one hand, I really loved it once I was at a tournament, in a round, debating. On the other hand, I hated getting ready for tournaments, hated preparing cases, hated the busy work of the class. So it was something I did really casually, as a sidenote to whatever else I was doing.
So then I get here, and a guy on my hall is the VP of the debate society and I he talked me into going to the first meeting. I wasn't sure about it, but Swat was hosting this novice tournament coming up, so I stuck with it. So I've spent the last few weeks working on cases and going to meetings as such.
This weekend was the tournament and I loved it.
We do APDA debate. It's so much more fun than high school PF. It's not evidence based at all; it's all about the actual arguments you can come up with. Each round is on a different topic - our cases this weekend included: UN veto, the French burqa ban, JK Rowing, airport full-body scanners, and nuclear energy. And you just take the position, give a 7 or 8 minute speech on it, and see what you can do. I had so much fun and I'm so glad I decided to do debate.
There are also tons of perks that come with debate. For one thing, the people on the team are awesome and I love hanging out with them. Also, see. it's the Peaselee debate society, named after some guy named Peaselee who created for an endowment for the debate society. So we've got a shit ton of money. Free travel/accommodations for tournaments (going to Harvard this weekend!) and a van and funds for our parties. Added bonuses, much?

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  1. I have to have a full-body scan every single time I fly, because my fake ankle sets off alarms. Go for it, I think. Maybe I say it aloud.