Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oppression into Opportunity

So Nicholas Kristof is one of my heros. This isn't unique at all; I think he's a hero to anyone who's read the book or his columns or has encountered him. He and his wife Sheryl are - through their book Half the Sky and their writings for the NYT - foremost responsible for bringing issues that women face throughout the world to the consciousness of the international community.
On Monday night, the documentary film based on Half the Sky got released on PBS. I watched it online and it's stunning. The women it highlights - particularly the ones who've started organizations and are changing lives - are breathtaking. Seriously, they bring so much hope into the discussion of these issues that can feel so huge and unbeatable. And I think that's the real genius of the film, that there is hope. One person at a time, people are changing the world. And we can help. So maybe in the next century the world will change and women in the world will have the same rights as men.

You can watch the film online through October 8th. Here are the links:
Episode 1 here:
Episode 2 here:

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