Friday, October 19, 2012

Not Toys

When I started driving, the thing I constantly heard from my parents - besides "don't hit that" - was "cars are not toys." It wasn't that I abused cars, or was even that dangerous. Just that cars should only be used from getting from place to place. End of story.
Sort of. Enter Lorin's 70th birthday.
A few weeks before Lorin's 70th birthday, Judy was feeling bad that we didn't have anything very good to get for Lorin's birthday. We had the idea of paying for him to go on a fishing trip to Alaska with his best friend, but since his friend had gotten that for his birthday, and Lorin was planning on going anyway, it wasn't much of a gift. Then Judy thought of buying a Polaris RZR for up at the cabin.  If you're not familiar with RZRs, they're like amped-up golf carts. Basically. They look like this:
And they're designed to do this:

So last summer we ended up with a RZR. I'm not a big fan of it because the seat doesn't adjust and it's too far back for me to reach the pedals and steering wheel in a way that makes me feel safe ( #shortpersonproblems). I can reach them if I scoot forward, but I know that if anything were to happen I'd totally loose control quite quickly.
Fast forward to this weekend. We're in Moab right now. We brought the RZR. I decided, when we were about to leave, that it was high time I learned how to pull a trailer. So I drove all the way down to Moab with this set up:

I actually did pretty well. I didn't even get close to getting in an accident. The only problem was that I didn't watch the gas gague very closely. But we made it to Moab with 1.5 miles left to go, so no harm no foul.

 Anyway, we're down here and my cousins (the ones I always call the kids) and my aunt and uncle are here and it's just great. Yesterday we hiked to Delicate Arch. Then we got lunch. I thought I'd ordered myself a shake, but Lizzy felt like I ordered it for her.

So anyway, after that, Lorin decided that I ought to go on a ride in the RZR. So we went over to a road called Fins N Things. It was the weirdest thing. We got in the RZR, and Lorin pretty much just started driving over rocks. At angles that it didn't seem possible to go over. I swear there were multiple moments when we were straight up or straight down. And it was fun, but I also kinda hated it. It stresses me out, feeling like I'm perpetually in a position which could be fatal. Even though I know we were totally safe, for me off-roading is too full of anxiety to be that much fun.
The whole time I just wanted remind Lorin, "cars are not toys."

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