Tuesday, October 16, 2012

No place like home

So since I've been back in the 801, I've been hanging out mostly. And doing homework. Sam picked me up at the airport on Saturday, which was really sweet of him. He's even a decent-enough driver. He did run the car into a rock in the driveway his first week of driving, ruining the front bumper, which was slightly vindicating for me. He did good driving home though.
I spend Saturday around the house talking to the family and catching up, then we went to dinner with my aunt and uncle and the kids, which was awesome. Sunday was church and family dinner and hanging out. Yesterday I went to breakfast with my friend, then to the cabin with my parents (we went on a hike and I spent time with my horse), then to coffee with other friends, then a few hours of homework then dinner with the family. Basically all I do is socialize and homework. I have so much homework. But it's been nice.
Except being home is weird.
It's weird because it's different. Coming home now is so different than when I came home from Europe. From Europe, I was gone almost a month, but I came back and got right back into my life. This time, I'm home, but it's not where my life is. My life is at school. At home, I've got lots of relationships and people I care about very deeply, but that's all. It's weird to come home for vacation. Like this week really feels like a vacation. What?
It's funny to feel a little bit homeless. Like I've got school, which is not really a home and I've got Utah which I feel removed from and I'm just like where do I belong? But it's okay. It's good. You know that Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's song  that says "home is whenever I'm with you." I feel like I'm in that spot right now - and I'll probably be there for several years. Home isn't a house, or even a state anymore. Home is people that I love that are spread all over the country. And that's alright.

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