Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Midterm Week

It's midterm week. I am stressed. This is my busiest work week yet. I'm promising myself a day of shopping in Philly and possibly a manicure if I make it through this week. Shameless rewards.
When I was getting ready to come to college, I, like everyone else who has ever gone to college, was bombarded by advice. Some of it was really good, some of it was mediocre, but by far the best piece of advice I got was keep your room clean. It sounds dumb and trivial. And it's also really funny advice for me, because I'm not even a kinda clean person. My room/car/locker were always a disaster. But I came here, and in my efforts to do well, I tried to keep my room clean. And guess what? It totally helps.
When I feel stressed or anxious about work, I have my room neat and organized. It's wonderful. It makes me feel so much more in control to come back and know exactly where all my stuff is. To come back to a made bed is the best. Or a clean desk that I can work on. Or a bookshelf organized with all my stuff. Even little things like having all my drawers closed makes me feel better.
So even though this week is stressful, I'll be fine because my room is immaculate.

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  1. This is so true. It took me longer to learn, but a cluttered work/sleep space raises angst, and who needs more angst?