Monday, October 29, 2012


Classes have been canceled today and tomorrow due to Frankenstorm. The most important thing this did was postpone the day my GSST midterm was due by 2 days. It's kinda sick that 2 days off school doesn't mean I have time to realax, but rather that I possibly have time to catch up on all my shit. Yayyy college.
The official name of Frankenstorm is Hurricane Sandy. I chose to assume it's not accident that she's named after my hometown. You know, it's somehow significant.
My professors have been emailing me like crazy. First they were all emailing to affirm that class was happening. Then after the college decided to shut down for 2 days, they were all emailing canceling class and giving homework instructions. Awesome.
I went to Trader Joe's yesterday, to load up on Frankenstorm food storage. The shelves were bare. Literally. I've never ever gone to a grocery store and seen it with bare shelves. Isn't that something that only happens in zombie apocolypse movies? No, apparently it's a real thing. I ended up walking out with: chips, salsa, trail mix, chocolate, and juice boxes. Should get me through the storm. If it doesn't my roommate has a chobani food storage to rival the Mormon's. Seriously though we have like 20 things of yogurt in our fridge. Yes.
Everyone keeps warning that the power's going to go out. I've filled all my water bottles full. If the power goes out, and I can't use my computer, I'll die. No more homework for Hannah. I'm missing my generator from home.
Have I ever written about that ridiculous generator we have at home? For years, Lorin owned the Cummins distributorship for the mountain states. Cummins, among other things, manufactures industrial strength generators. So before he sold it, Lorin had a generator installed in our backyard. Not any generator, though. One that would last us a full month without power. It's the size of a car. I kid you not. So I've never had to worry about power outages, but now I do, and it sucks.
Wish me luck for the next few days. Hopefully I have power to blog. I might write something ahead of time just to keep the blog up.

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