Thursday, October 18, 2012

David Sedaris

Have I ever blogged about my love for David Sedaris? I dare say I haven't. I love David Sedaris a whole lot.
I first fell in live with David Sedaris courtesy of This American Life, which I also love, but that is perhaps another blog post. This summer I listened to every single TAL with David Sedaris in it. Once that was over I bought all his audio books. Those lasted me like two weeks. David Sedaris audiobooks are possibly the best thing in the world. So so so incredibly funny.
David Sedaris is coming to Philadelphia. But tickets are $50 and I just can't manage to afford that. It kills me.
So yesterday, I was very very happy when, on my facebook newsfeed, was the link to a new David Sedaris essay in the New Yorker! It has the components of all of David Sedaris' funniest stories: his boyfriend Hugh (see below), living abroad, and fascination with dead things. So go read it, because this essay made my day.

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