Monday, October 15, 2012

15 Things

15 things I know to be true (prompt stolen from Jeannie):
1. Healing comes through helping others.
2. Prayers, like people, come in all sorts of forms and none are more or less valid than the others.
3. Leggings are, in fact, pants.
4. Any money I scrape together as an adult will go toward travel. In 10 years, I will probably still be wearing the clothes I am today. But I'll have visited more countries.
5. Siblings are the best. It would kill me to not have Sam around.
6. In another life, I would have been a cowboy
7. Having a good place to cry is essential.
8. A few dear friends make all the difference.
9.  I'm a feminist.
10. I will be my own kind of feminist and will not be made to feel like I should act or speak certain ways because of that identity and what people expect from a feminist.
11. Actually, number 10 applies to everything and lots of identities,  not just feminism. Also it's really hard.
12. Kids need heroes.
13. Usually it's the random moments that happen, shit you buy, and conversations you stumble into that matter the most.
14. Journal journal journal (or blog).
15. Baking is one of the best cure-alls for a heavy heart.

So, I just realized I've blogged about most of those things in the past. Oops. Still believe in every one of them.

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