Tuesday, October 23, 2012

15 things I love about my college

In no specific order:

1. It's a place I miss when I'm gone.
2. The super incredibly awesome friends I've made
3. The people on my hall who I love lots and lots
4. Hall traditions: Sunday brunch, Monday morning kickoff & Spot it
5. Parties, and dancing at parties
6. Peaslee
7. Being entirely in charge of establishing structure in my life
8. Yoga & Pilates
9. Being close to Philly and the authors who read there (Sandra Cisneros tonight!)
10. Seminars and my small discussion-based classes
11. This is not a college where everyone dresses up all the time. Hello hoodie and jeans, goodbye makeup
12. Community community community
13. Campus is beautiful. Coming back from break to a campus fully immersed in fall was one of the best surprises yet.
14. Painting my nails pretty much all the time
15. The posters in my little dorm

(16. Blogging study breaks!)

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