Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Re-cap

So the weekend was awesome. Better than awesome. It was extraordinary. It was just so incredibly nice to spend time with Kat and Alex. I really love them lots and lots.
I left Friday afternoon on a bus. The bus was late getting into the city, because we spent an hour outside the Lincoln tunnel. That sucked, but was worth the $11 trip. It was actually really nice to realize that Kat and I aren't really that far apart. Like it's actually incredibly easy to get on a bus and visit each other. It makes me feel better knowing how easy that is.
So Alex and I got to Barnard like half an hour apart. We saw the Barnard campus (which is incredibly lovely) and then got sushi! I loved getting non-cafeteria food. Seriously. A real dinner was so great.
 Yes, there has never been a pretty picture of sushi. But still, it was good sushi. Highlights of sushi included me trying to use chopsticks (hugely unsuccessfully) and dropping a whole piece in my soy sauce. It splashed.
After dinner, we took the subway down to Times Square for a tourist moment. I don't even care that it was a tourist moment because it was fun. We stopped by Starbucks. Starbucks with my best friends is something I missed a lot. I didn't even realize how much I missed it. It felt so familiar and comfortable to have a Starbucks cup in my hand and be talking to my best friends again.
 So that night we kinda just walked around the city. We walked down to Central Park, but didn't go in, because we are not looking to get murdered/raped. And we went to Rockefeller Plaza. And just enjoyed the city at night. Then we got back to the dorm for sleepy time. We all fit in the dorm surprisingly well. We probably could have fit one more person in the dorm just fine. Also, since we're 18, sleeping on the ground is do-able. Yay for being young.
Saturday we went to breakfast at a Hungarian bakery: croissants and jam. Yum. Literal yum. It was such a good breakfast. And it was nice to have breakfast together. We did that at home, and I think it's one of my favorite things we do. Breakfast is my favorite best-friend meal.
Then we spent most of Saturday shopping. I didn't buy much (starving college student). I did get a dress! For $12! At H&M! And I bought two books, because you can't let me walk into a bookstore like the ones in New York and expect me to not buy a book or two. I bought Franz Wright's Wheeling Motel and Anne Carson's Plainwater. They're both books I've been meaning to get, but haven't ordered off Amazon yet. So that was nice.
And we took the subway everywhere. I like the subway. Not as much as I like cars, but better than taxis. Subway is the way to go. Plus the fact that there's a Barnard/Columbia stop: excellent.
Saturday night, we hung around Barnard. We got dinner with some of Kat's friends. It was really fun to meet here friends. I actually really liked them a lot. They were good people. People I'd like to be friends with. Which is, I guess, obvious. Because Kat and I usually pick the same people for friends. But still, I really liked getting a feel for what Kat's life is like. It made me happy to know her friends.
We were going to go dancing on Saturday night, but it downpoured. So we didn't. Which was fine by us, because it was just as nice to hang out at Starbucks and talk.
So Sunday morning we had breakfast at a little crepe place. Super yummy and awesome. Then we took the subway down to Central Park and walked through it. Lovely. Central park is lovely. 
And after Central park, we went to the Met for a little bit. There was an awesome Warhol exhibit. And we spend some time on the 20th century portion of the museum, which is the best, obviously. Have I talked about how much I love Matisse? Because I do. And Monet always makes me think of Kat, because the water lillies are her favorite, so it was nice to see those with her. And Degas always makes me think of Judy, because of the dancers and because the first time I was exposed to Degas is when Judy and I were in Paris in 8th grade. So yeah, Degas makes me think of Judy, and I love that. And, impressionists in general make me think of Lorin, because even though he doesn't really love museums, he will always go in an art museum with impressionist paintings. I kind of love being in places that remind me of my favorite people.
And after the museum, I got on my bus and came back to campus. I actually was really happy to be back on campus too, and I missed my college friends. Which was kinda nice to realize too. That I'm enjoying it so much that I missed it. Lovely moment.
So yeah, it was an exceptionally awesome weekend with  my favorite girls.

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