Saturday, September 1, 2012


Happy September first. Even though I've been here for five days, I'm so glad that classes don't start until August. I've never gone to school in August. And somehow, it seems wrong to me to go to school in August. September is the start of classes, start of the year really. I've always begun my calendar year in September. New years resolutions always fall by the wayside, but somehow goals set in September last longer. September is that time of beginning and growing and, as I've been hearing the past week, leaning into discomfort. It's a beautiful time.
There are some nice little traditions here at Swat. Yesterday, I think we started a new one. Our entire freshman class spent several hours doing service in the communities surrounding Swat yesterday - all and all $37,000 worth of service. I was in the group that mulched a playground at at daycare/women's shelter. It's the first year they've done it, but I think it's a great idea and I hope they stick to it.
And yesterday was the longstanding tradition of First Collection. The entire class gathers in the amphitheater. Which is so beautiful and I love it.
As a place it feels to me very much like the Waterford concert hall always have. I don't know what the words for that exactly are, but sitting there it felt like I always felt sitting in the Waterford concert hall for arts week or a dance performance or lower school choir concerts.
Anyway, the president of the college spoke, a senior spoke (nbd he lives in my dorm) and a professor spoke. They each said some beautiful things. Then we lit candles and had a moment of silence. It was just nice. Not especially moving or powerful, but nice in that way ceremony can be. And nice because I know that in four years at last collection, I know I will understand this so much more. I love that.

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