Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Too Many Beginnings

I wrote this poem like a month ago. I stated it on the plane out here, worked on it that week, and I've been letting it settle for a little bit. But now I'll post it:

Too Many Beginnings

My first breath came here
(it takes time
to take a breath)
alongside the river running
gray, in the house with a chimney
& a happy family

temporarily bound
like shadows before nightfall
Who might have prophesied that?

We would have said goodbye yesterday,
but it would have been sweet, because I’m right where I’m supposed to be,
and that matters –

being where you are supposed to be matters
I’ve always waited.

Between us: so many inhales
and the way ink seeps through paper
(people do not bleed uniquely)

farther I go
stiller I stay
things break

I think I’ll sit for a while.

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