Monday, September 10, 2012

To Philly!

On Saturday I went into Philly! It was exciting. I went with my friend/quadmate Nora. We went to the piercing studio first (don't worry it was for her not me), then we went to a coffee shop for bubble tea. Then we took the subway and walked along the main shopping area. The highlights included: a free people store, a farmers market with fresh peaches that I ate like an apple, and Anthropologie's flagship store. I'm obsessed with that store. I want to live there. It's an old mansion that they turned into a store. Beautiful.
So yeah, I liked Philly. It was so nice to walk around and just be there. The old part of town is lovely. At some poing I'll have to go see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. But I've got four years.
Have I talked about how I'm not really a city girl though? I like spending a day in a city here and there, but I don't like spending substantial time in cities. Even being in Europe this summer was maybe too much city time for me. I love Swat because I love having my little campus. I'm really glad I didn't end up at like NYU or even just a college within a city. I don't think I'd do well there.
I've been spending a lot of time with everyone lately, and I'm starting to crave time to just be by myself and walk or read or write. I'm social, but I'm also fiercely independent and if I don't get solo time I lose it. I think that on Wednesday - when my classes end at 12:30 - I might go into Philly and have an afternoon to myself. It's good for me.

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