Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Sched.

Have I mentioned that I'm taking classes? Since that's part of what you do when you go to college.
Here's my schedule:
Notice that my first class is 10:30/11:30. That's not an accident.
I've got some super awesome classes. (All except stats). Have we talked about how I failed my stats AP? Funny thing is that failing it was actually the best possible thing I could have done. If I'd done well I couldn't have gotten any more credit, since my calc AP is all the credit I could get. And if I'd passed then I'd have been placed in a higher level course. But this way I get to take level 1 stats and get all my math classes done. Which is great.
Besides that, I'm in an intro to gender and sexuality studies class, which I'm excited about. I potentially want to have GSS as one of my majors, so it's cool to actually be in a course.
Then I'm in two first-year seminars. The seminars are capped at 12 students, are discussion intensive, and the subjects are chosen by the professors and what they want to teach. My first one is called Subverting Verses, and it's about the line between poetry and prose. The second one is called Religious Radicals, and it's about the religious radicalism of MLK and the civil rights movement, as well as the role of religious communities/organizers/clergy/people in the success and failure of movements.
So yeah, I've got an awesome schedule.
I bought books on Sunday. Books are so damn expensive. I could buy a roundtrip ticket home or I could buy books. WTF?

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