Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lost in my mind

I am fiercely independent. This is good at times, but is also something that I've had to (and continue to) work on. When I first came here, I found myself craving time to be alone and get lost in my mind. At home, I had this time when I would drive places. It's one of the reasons I love driving so much. But here, I obviously don't have a car, so I've been finding other ways.
Sometimes I go for walks around campus. Have I mentioned how incredibly beautiful campus is? I couldn't ask for a better place to live:
The amplitheatre is usually empty, so it's a good study-alone place.
The chairs on Parrish beach make me happy.

I also take poetry study breaks. I take a collection outside and sit in the sun in the courtyard for 10 minutes or so. The sun on my face makes me happy.
Also, I journal. Which is not really "alone time" so to speak, but feels like it. Writing poetry feels the same way.
But mostly, I go to the gym. (I know right? I usually hate exercise.) The gym is a short four-minute walk away, and it's one of my new favorite places on campus. Seriously. I'm a workout fiend. I'm running between three and six miles a day. And I'm getting plenty of time to get lost in my mind. My meditation is when I sweat. Win-win.

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