Saturday, September 15, 2012

I miss my brother

I miss my brother.
He's the other sibling, the not-me, and I miss him.
I like that our names go together, were put together.
He's at a new school right now, and I'm at new school too. Sometimes I worry about that.
I miss seeing him every day. I miss the way he makes me laugh, and waits for me to watch Modern Family. I miss walking past him and his friends playing Xbox or foosball or whatever it is they were playing. I miss his big smelly shoes. I miss going to his lacrosse games or going to the cabin and sitting on the deck reading and watching him fish. I miss the really substantial conversations we'd have every once in a while. I miss telling him all my secrets (he knows everything). I miss him giving me hugs, because it's new thing for him, but he's still really sweet about it. I miss the way people always forget we're siblings, because we're so different, but it makes me smile, because of course he's my brother: I couldn't pick a better one. 

We climbed a mountain together.
And he goes outside a lot.

Also, he's kind of a stud.

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