Thursday, September 27, 2012


Another one of the funny things about being in a new place with new people is that you get alerted to all the quirks in your language. For example, it's been pointed out to me several times that I use the words "darling and dolly" frequently as terms of endearment. It's true; they're a pair of my favorite words. But I hadn't really noticed that those are things that not everyone says. I hadn't noticed that, at least partly because at home my best friends use those words all the time. I think you inevitably talk like your best friends.
But the word I use that throws people off the most is fierce. I guess that when most people say fierce they intend it as some kind of insult, almost synonymous with bitchy. Or sometimes they use it like Tyra Banks does. I do not use fierce either of those ways. I use it to describe people - usually women - who aren't intimidated by "should"s, who live boldly, who I really admire/look up to/am intimidated by in a good way. I love the word fierce. I love meeting (or knowing about) fierce people.
Here are famous people who I think are fierce:

Georgia O'Keefe
Hillary. I have a crush on Hillary.
Susan Orlean. Check out her twitter
Toni Morrison, obviously.

Eve Ensler. Do they come any fiercer?

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