Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blogging Block

I've had blogging block. It's like writer's block, but not quite the same. It happens every once in a while. Usually, I'm like this:
But right now I'm not. It's been happening off and on lately, because I'm busy. Like how I'm in NY with my best friends today. And blogging just doesn't quite happen. Blogging kinda takes time. Because it's not just "here's what I did today". At least I try to make it more than that; I try to make it more of "here's a little piece of who I am today".  And because of that, most days, I love blogging. Really, where would I be without a blog? It makes me feel like people are listening to and keeping track of me. Also it gives me a space to be entirely selfish and focus on my voice and what I think and what's going on with me as a person. I love blogging for those reasons.
But for today, here's all I have to offer you. This is one of the most darling music videos I've ever seen. The aspen trees with the snow make me miss home. And I love the song. So much.

Maybe I'll learn to play the guitar.

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