Friday, August 3, 2012

Utah Shakes

The Shakespeare festival was so super fun! Mostly because the people I was with are so incredibly awesome. Half of the group was graduated. And it was just so good to spend time with them again. I've really missed all the people I used to see every day. It's dumb to realize that if I ever want to see them again I have to like make the effort - that it won't ever just happen again. 

Also, since we were all graduated, we took to calling the teacher-chaperone by his first name. Ha. 

So the highlight of the festival was Titus Andronicus. I know, right? Titus Andronicus. Shakespearean slasher. But this production was so visually astounding. There was so much power and humanity in the movement. Which was pretty incredible.
Since it's a Shakespeare, we saw Titus in the outdoor theater. Or at least the first half. Before the show it flash flood rained. Rivers in the streets. But it calmed down and so they did it outside. It didn't rain for most of the first half, but there was thunder and lightening the whole time. Which was the most incredible effect. It made the play. And then, the last scene before intermission it starts raining. And it's this big climax and Marcus screams "Let it storm". Which was just incredible. The actors faces' were wet and shining in the light and it looked like tears and rain and my God the weather just made the play. I wish everyone could see Titus Andronicus in a rainstorm. 

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