Friday, August 31, 2012

The Plant

First we have to talk about how much I love Colbert and his twitter. Happy trails RNC:

So the entire campus here is an arboretum. The Scott Arboretum to be exact. One of my big motives in picking Swat was how much I love the campus. I walk around thinking how much I love the trees and bunnies and flowers.
Yesterday the arboretum did first year plant giveaway! It's kinda darling. Even though pretty much everyone ends up killing their plant, it's a nice way to start. I got a coffee plant (but it doesn't grow beans) and Sadie, my roommate, got a little jade plant. They look so cute and sweet on our windowsill. Our room's not to decorated right now (send me a poster!), but the plants are a nice little touch.
This was on facebook today:

Also yesterday we had a diversity at Swarthmore discussion. It was incredibly interesting and powerful. Another one of my big pull in choosing Swat was the diversity. Waterford was great, but incredibly homogeneous. There's just something incredibly powerful about having a diverse community to be engaged in. (I know, I sound like I drank the koolaid, but I also sincerely believe it).
Here's the community learning guidelines they gave us. I think they're cool:
Be open and honest
Participate fully (at your own comfort level)
Speak from personal experiences: Use "I" statements to share thoughts and feelings.
Listen respectfully
Share air time: encourage others to participate
Be fully present and engaged
Be open to new and different perspectives
Take risks: lean into discomfort
Respect and maintain confidentiality
Ask questions and don't make assumptions
Notice and name group dynamics in the moment
Recognize where you have a deep emotion response
Trust that through dialogue, we will reach deeper levels of understanding and acceptance
Have fun and laugh.

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