Thursday, August 30, 2012

Spot It

So first of all you should know that Swarthmore has entirely mixed dorms. Mixed gender and mixed age. So on our floor, there are 8 freshman (the two doubles next to each other), 4 sophomores, 1 junior, and the rest are seniors. So overwhelming majority are seniors. At first I wasn't digging that. Then I realized it's fucking awesome, because every single one has been helpful and kind and friendly. Not like friendly but stay away, but genuinely friendly.
Last night after our drug and alcohol seminar, we played charades. Swatcharades. Out charades included: Hamlet, Fidel Castro and Google. After we got pumped up during that game, we all played a game called spot it. Play the demo right now. It's ridiculous. It's intense and stressful and fun. So much fun.
Anyway, I'm doing well, I'm having fun, please forgive the blogging (might be boring for a while yet). Oh and I passed my swim test! One step closer to graduating!

PS. My dorm is prettier than your dorm

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  1. Well, it IS swell, but can you see the 24th of July parade from your terrace?