Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Six Parts

Here's a poem I wrote in Europe.

My Story in Six Parts

Lacing shoes
her baby she soothes
with songs

that sail seas on ships
of amber under a sky

so meager I wish to fit in
little places. Let me make myself

small; curl
my knees wedge myself

in. I will be suited for
cracks in the wood
of the alter. Itsy bitsy spider

smokes a cigar, drinks scotch
and soda while I promise once more
the view of the city is worth the climb,


can't find what I found
up the mountain
and churches don't have wifi

What I found was - - - -
well it had yellow wings
(yellow house yellow corn yellow bellied).

I felt whispery
bells ringing ringing ringing
(red wine red rocks red roofs -red cars-

red cars crash.)
Been away from home too long:
ran away topless and barefoot.

The soles of my feet plea
for roots

for a rest

on the beach, still wearing my coat,
staring at the northern sea
(the color of dead eyes) asking for more

than I can have: love me with Your
big heart love me for my small one.

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