Friday, August 24, 2012

Shopping for college

So I've been sorta trying to shop for college, sorta. It's kinda tough.
Have I told you how I'm going out alone? Almost everyone I know has parents accompanying them, but it didn't seem to make sense to me to do it that way:
1) It's a $400 plane ticket.
2) It would be Judy and I land at night, take a taxi to campus the next morning, and she has to be gone by noon. So not even 24 hours together.
3) I don't have that much stuff and moving in can't really be that hard.
4) I'd rather say goodbye at home and be excited to be there, and really be there, not trying to say goodbye to my mom as I'm arriving at college.

So anyway, I've been doing pretty well with this whole college thing. Low anxiety levels lately. Everyone keeps saying "I can't believe this is real" and I'm like "Really? Feel pretty real and sunken in to me." I think this is partly because I had kinda a hard time when school ended, but that was that and I actually dealt with it fine, and I've said goodbye to that. Now it's just getting excited for the going forward. But I think I'm doing good also partly because I've been channeling any anxiety into school shopping.
I haven't even bought that much. Some jeans, because now I need to wear real clothes, and a few tops, and a black dress, and that computer, but not that much. Mostly I've been making lists of things to buy when I get there / ordering things online. Yes, I do need that spa towel wrap. Yes, I do need that Southern Utah poster. Yes, I do need that Anthropologie bedspread.
Retail therapy is a real thing.

PS. Pretty sure I need this too, if anyone wants to buy me a going away present (Kat).

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