Monday, August 27, 2012


Happy Getting On a Plane and Flying to Philadelphia Day!
I wrote this poem on Saturday as a mimic of the Franz Wright poem "Self Portrait at 40" from his collection The Beforelife.

Self Portrait Before Leaving Home

She’s in between now
out of the house
not quite grown

no longer the little girl
in the photograph
wearing blue
eyes, cowboy boots,
a Cinderella dress
sitting on a rocking horse

rocking to sleep
rocking the cradle

She’s nearly a woman
                     a storykeeper 

with traces of babyfire

But where now
is that Cinderella dress –
it looked so well-worn
               so well-loved

At times it’s enough
to know someone else
gives a damn

at times
it’s not
and she feeds
from the roots
calls upon the past
to lead her

where she will carry
the quiet strength
she barely sees:

there is hope
each time a star shoots

and reverence
for what brings tears

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