Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Made me smile [part 2]

Sometimes I like to remember all the things that made me smile. It makes life a little bit sweeter.
So here's some things that recently made me smile:
1) Remember my 5-year old cousin Lizzy? She's the funniest, weirdest, quirkiest kid, and I adore her for it. Their family is redoing the kitchen, so I was helping out a little bit with the kids. The first time Lizzy got in my car, the radio started playing and she asked "Do you have We Are Young?" I was a really surprised that she knew that song, but I had it. So I turned it on. Then she said "Will you play it loud and put down the windows?" Which I did. Then I got to watch in my rearview mirror as she sang along. From then on, every time we got in the car, she wanted to play that song, loud, with the windows down. "It's my favorite song."
2) Remember all that babysitting I did? Well, I spent it all in one place. On one of these. And I absolutely love it. I got the 11-inch one, and I just love having a very small computer - smaller than my journal - that I can fit in my bag and it will go anywhere, and it was just so worth it.
3) Remember when I asked for dark chocolate? Kat and I got breakfast the day she left. She gave me 3 bars of dark chocolate. Because she's the best
4) Shark week. Who knew how incredibly awesome it was? Not me. I love shark week.
5) I got to go see my really good friend Jeannie's college soccer game. That's right. I have a friend playing college soccer. It was so incredibly cool to see her in her new jersey, and see her team (and see her team beat Utah). 
6) Last Thursday night, Judy and I stayed up to 1 watching Toy Story 3. And it was really sweet. I've been spending little bits of time here and there with my family, and I've appreciated that. Also, it was the perfect time to watch that movie, because it was like "Andy goes to college" and I'm going to college in five days (!), which was nice. But now I'll have to put things in the attic.
7) I took Tinker for a trail ride. It was a good 41/2 hour ride, and it was really nice to be on a horse in the mountains again. I really do love that horse. And those mountains.

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  1. My small list of the little things that make me smile:

    1. The sunshine coming through my window in the morning (most people hate it, but I really love it)
    2. When people trip (ammi right?)
    3. This post (I've honestly never been more honored!)
    4. YOU