Thursday, August 9, 2012

So. Yeah.

Guess what I finally did:

Also, I have a roommate. Actually I have 3. I got placed in Wharton, which happens to be the dorm I wanted. Have I told you about the one person I actually know at Swat? She went to Waterford and graduated a year earlier than me. She lived in Wharton last year and loved it, which is awesome. Anyway, as indicated above, I'm in a quad. The way the quads are designed - think about it this way: take a room, cut it in half, and cut one of the halves in half, so you have two quarters and a half. Two tiny singles and a double that you have to pass through to get to the singles. First semester I'm in the double, then second I switch to a single. Anyway, the roomies seem pretty cool. One grew up in Singaplore, the other has met Biden, and the last wore black lipstick to prom. So. Yeah. Life's full right now.

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