Friday, August 10, 2012

A New Way of Journaling

About a week ago, I realized that my practice of journaling right before I go to bed will probably not work in college, for a number of reasons: going to bed is a liberal idea, who wants to be the weird girl who journals every night, not sure I want to loudly proclaim that I have a journal and this is where it is. So anyway, I've been getting in the habit of carrying my journal around with me, and just taking 10 minutes during my day to find a spot, sit, and journal. And I kind of love it.
I love having my journal with me all the time. I love the writing that's going on. You know how late at night everything seems more. My journal is so much more down-to-earth and authentic than it was before. It's not just I have a lot of emotion and now I'm writing, it's just whatever happened to be in my head those 10 minutes. And I like that a lot more.
Also, my new journal is my favorite one yet. It's this one. I love it because the little pictures are good prompt options, if I need a place to direct my thoughts, but they're not overwhelming. So sometimes the journaling has nothing to do with the picture, and that's just fine, because the picture is just a nice decoration. Or sometimes, the picture made me think of something, so the journaling is related to the picture in my mind, but not in anyone else's. And sometimes the picture is a straight up prompt. It varies. I like this new way of journaling.

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