Monday, July 2, 2012

White Nights

I'm in St. Petersburg! It's an awesome fairly beautiful city. It's built on the water, which I love. My two favorite cities - Amsterdam and Copenhagen - are built on the water. There's something about canals and bridges that makes my soul happy.
It doesn't get dark here. I've never been this far North before, and right now - just a few weeks after the summer solstice - it isn't getting dark. Like ever. Twilight is as dark as it gets. Which kinda fucks with me. But is also kinda awesome. How can it be midnight? It looks like its 6:00.
Out guide is super Russian. She's not very warm, but I'm rather attached to her never the less. She speaks with a Russian/New Jersey accent, which makes me smile. Her English teacher must have been from Jersey. Also, sometimes she says things funny. For instance she really likes the word penetration. "This hall is so music could penetrate into the next room." "You can see how the customs of Western Europe penetrated the style of the palace."
We've been visiting all sorts of cool places. I'm phone-app blogging, so I can't add captions, buy here are pictures of gardens, palaces, Egyptian Sphinxes, churches, seasides, battleships and Dostevsky's grave I've visited.
[ Ps. Photo editing courtesy of instagram, which I love. Also my favorite hashtag for palace pictures is: #poetryiswherethemoneyisat ]

Europe is such a cool place.

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