Monday, July 30, 2012


People keep thinking I'm Canadian. What about me seems Canadian?
Anywho. Today I'm on my way back to the good old states. I get in at 6:45, go home, go to dinner with one best friend and then the next morning head down to the Cedar City Shakespeare festival with the other best friend + tons of other lovely people who I've been missing.
I've been watching the Olympics (just like everyone else in the world), but I've found I like BBC Olympics better than any of the American channels. BBC isn't so much about who gets the gold as the quality of the competition. Last night when Becky Adlington won bronze they were just so happy for her and so happy that it'd been such an honorable race; it just made me happy.
So goodbye to Switzerland. Here are the photos of cows I've been scared of, mountains I've been hiking around, views out my window, books I've been reading, and suspension bridges I've been crossing.

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