Friday, July 20, 2012

Roman Holiday Under the Tuscan Sun

Shipping out for Die Schweiz tomorrow (I've always preferred the German name for Switzerland - isn't it a great word?) it's just Judy and me now. We have fun together. Things like this happen:
Judy: who's Santa Maria?
Hannah: that's Italian for Mary
Judy: no wonder she's all over.


Hannah: I'm going to buy a puppy when I get home. Then you can take care of it when I go to college.
Judy: I'm going to buy a puppy right before I die. Then you can take care of it for the next 15 years.

Italy's been so incredibly wonderful. The past week or so has been Florence, Assisi and Rome! Such cool places to be. This summer. I still can't believe I get to do this.
Here's pictures of cathedrals, statues, fountains, views, merry-go-rounds monuments and movies I've been seeing, and something from my journal:

When in Rome:
-Eat your weight in gelato to cool off. Don't think of it as dessert and don't settle for anything less than phenomenal gelato.
-Go to the Colosseum and be glad you've got first world problems; go to the Forum and consider majoring in the humanities; go to the Pantheon and feel imperfect; go to St. Peters and feel small; go to the Sistine chapel and feel useless; go to the Trevi fountain and choose your wish carefully; go to the Spanish steps, wonder why they're so famous, then run up them anyway.
-Find a restaurant with red and white checkered tablecloths. Order spaghetti.
-Flirt with the waiter even though you feel sweaty and gross. Smile when he flirts back. Get a "ciao Bella" out of him.
-Watch The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Enjoy it as much as you did at 12. Laugh at Hilary Duff's despicable Italian accent. Keep your eyes out for your own Italian pop star.
-Know the three-scoop days.
-Try to figure out the minimum amount of clothing you can wear while still looking respectable. Wear chacos. Rock the tan lines.
-Try to figure out how to use the bidet in your hotel room. Possibly use it for foot instead of ass washing.
-Love that Rome will make you want to dance in a piazza, swim in a fountain, and sing along with street musicians.

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  1. oh rome is wonderful!
    I was so happy about the lizzie mcguire reference.
    The stuff from your journal is lovely.