Friday, July 6, 2012

Creativity Day 8: Postcard Poem

Driving home: a big yellow butterfly with black spots flew in front of my 
windshield – it was cartoon-like in the way it flew, dancing and twirling – and 
then came this sharp moment when I realized what had to happen next. I 
watched in my rearview mirror as it came spiraling downward, a plane in 
nosedive, hitting the road hard just in time to be run over by the next car.
in my dream,                                                    I’ve never been the person
there weren’t mouths                                           who holds others stories;
for anyone,                                                            my arms are always full
not even me                                 today,                                with my own
                                       right back where I started
yesterday,                              is right where I belong                          lord
I ran through a field                                                                       let me
of dandelions, to collect free wishes;                                             never be
with pockets and lungs full                                                         above my
I prayed simply                                                             own imperfections
Now, I need you to know that, if you'd like, I will happily serve you my heart,
                                              flayed butterfly style

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