Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Creativity Day 29: Childhood Closet

My childhood closet was filled with jumpers. Green plaid with red stripes. Priceless.
I wasn't an especially tall child, so for years my jumpers were way to long. Ankle-length. But it's darling on little girls. I never resented the jumper the way I'd grow to resent the uniform. I think that's because no one ever marks lower schools out of uniform.
Jumpers are great things to grow up in. They're built of the most sturdy fabric imaginable. Paint, recess, scissors, lunch, the sand box even fire were no match for the jumper. That thing would survive the apocalypse. Which is exactly what a growing up girl needs.
The jumpers had funny buttons on the shoulders. I think they were for taking the jumper off and putting it back on, but it was easier to just slip it over the head. So those buttons never got used.
If I should have a daughter, I hope she'd get to grow up in jumpers. Not Waterford jumpers. Elsewhere jumpers.

Nevertheless, some days, I'm just really glad that no one will ever again tell me that I need to wear a plaid skirt. I can say this with utmost confidence, because I have no intention of ever working in the sex industry, and everyone knows, plaid skirts are for porn stars.

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