Thursday, July 26, 2012

Creativity Day 25: Epithet

I insist that if I ever have an epithet it should be Gets Shit Done. Or I could be known as She Who Gets Shit Done. Maybe it's less pretty than star-cross'd lovers, but it's mine. 
I get shit done. Not necessarily all shit. But certainly the shit that matters to me. I get that done.
I'm actually kinda proud of this.
When something comes along that needs doing, I'm the one who does it. I'm the one who goes out and buys it, who spends the afternoon making it, who stays up late writing it. Sure, sometimes I'm overbearing, sometimes I'm controlling, sometimes I put myself in positions that stress me out way more than they need to. But I'm the one that the group will put in charge of things; I'm good at that. At heart, I'm a bureaucrat. Changing the world one finished task at a time.

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