Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Creativity Day 23: What is Writer's Block?

Writer's Block is breaking open a pinata only to find that it was not, in fact, filled with candy.

Writer's Block is trying to swim across the pool without coming up for air.

Writer's Block is making a mountain out of a molehill. Or at the very least trying to.

Writer's Block is the three doctors you need: a dentist, a gynecologist, and a therapist.

Writer's Block is children that don't flush the toilet.

Writer's Block is anguishing over whether to use Garamond or Georgia for your lit mag. (Garamond is always right.)

Writer's Block is having too many couches and too little beds.

Writer's Block is wondering if she was convicted of witchcraft or bitchcraft.

Writer's Block is hours spent reading McSweeney's and thinking that you're not writing any better.

Writer's Block is shuffling from cafe to cafe hoping to find ideas in the right cup of coffee.

Writer's Block is calling hiking, running, or driving in the mountains "working".

Writer's Block is facebook, instagram and the iPhone.

Writer's Block is donating to the Democrats and Planned Parenthood to feel like you made the world a better place.

Writer's Block is eating guacamole for lunch and peaches for dinner.

Writer's Block is "like shopping at TJ Maxx -- demoralizing and a little bit shameful. So you're sorting through all the junk and then you're like, "'well, maaaybe those jeans would fit, if I just, kinda, wiggled this way..." and then you convince yourself that this piece that you're sending in to whatever contest really does fit the requirements, even though it doesn't, really."

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