Friday, July 20, 2012

Creativity Day 20: Bookmarks

I have a weird bookmark habit. It comes from reading too many books at once at too many places. I never have any functional bookmarks. Also, I refuse to dog ear pages unless they're super special ones that I want to be able to access easily. So for bookmarks, I just pick up whatever it is that's nearby. Consequently, common bookmarks are:

  • coffee/bookstore receipts
  • plastic utensils, particularly forks
  • dollar bills - usually $1 but sometimes up to $20
  • quite often I put a pen that I'm annotating with in there, but this isn't great because it makes the spine funny
  • paper clips, usually straightened out
  • those green stopper things they put in Starbucks drinks so they don't spill
  • flattened out cardboard sleeves that go around coffee cups
  • pieces of paper I find, usually with something I've written on it
  • tags of any kind, but particularly clothing - H&M tags are great for this
  • when I worked at the car wash I'd use those tree shaped air fresheners 
But my very very very favorite bookmark is a ribbon. I put it in the place where I'm reading, deep in the spine, with equal length extra on both sides. Then I take the excess ribbon and tie a bow on the cover and it makes me happy every time because it makes the book look like a present. Which, more often than not, it is. 

PS. Speaking of books being gifts, wanna talk about the fact that someone gave me 35 books for free the day before I left. And not crappy books. Good ones. Vonnegut, Faulkner, Chekhov, Hemingway good. It was a substantial pile:

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