Thursday, July 19, 2012

Creativity Day 19: Karma?

This I believe: sometimes the universe wants to help you out.
I have a bright pink dress that I call my Karma Dress, because whenever I wear it, the universe gives me small kindnesses like finding an extra good book at the King's English, or free parking downtown because the parking garage's computer system crashed, or Whole Foods having the big cup of cut strawberries for sale instead of the too small little one.
I also believe the universe likes to hand you things if you just ask. Let's be clear: I am not talking about prayer. I'm not forming an opinion on prayer. I'm talking about the niceties the universe does, every once in a while, for people who ask.
Like my ponytail.
I'd been anguishing for months over my ponytail. It stuck out funny and looked icky. Then I put that on my heavy boots piece, and literally a day later, my ponytail was happy. A weird string of events led to me putting my hair in a ponytail when it was wet. Lo and behold! It dried in a totally functional ponytail way! A kinda darling ponytail way, in fact. So now I love my ponytail.
So I believe in petty karma and in asking the universe for small favors.

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