Thursday, June 21, 2012

Working Girl

Since I'm graduated and what not, I'm being an adult.
When I say I'm being an adult, I mean I got a really rockin babysiting/nannying job this month. It includes me driving a red minivan. They pay really well, and the kids are damn awesome. I absolutely love them. They're smart and independent and super fun to play with. We've gone swimming pretty much every day. Which is great.
Today it was me and the 9-year old at lunch. We played would you rather. But really we played would Hannah rather. Would you rather be a shoe or a sock? Why? Would you rather be a monster or an alien? Why? Would you rather be salsa or guacamole? Why? Whenever I'd ask her one she'd ponder it a moment and say I don't know, but mine were never accepted without a why. She also told me today, I think that when I get married I won't change my last name, because I really like my name the way it is. And I was like score one for feminists of the future.
The younger one is a doll. She always holds my hand wherever we're going. She also likes to grab my bellybutton. Which is weird. But she does it to her mom too, which makes me feel better. She also loves to quote movies. We'll be in the car and for fifteen minutes straight she will quote Shrek and Toy Story and Despicable Me.
Anyway, I adore my girls. I'm sincerely going to miss them once I'm not seeing them every day.

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