Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Ring

There were lots of graduation presents that I really loved. I got a month's worth of books, some beautiful letters (I love getting letters. I might go all JSF on everyone and start asking people to write me letters), and my parents got me an aquamarine necklace and a fountain pen! But I think the thing that meant the most was the ring.
I asked Judy if she'd pull my mom's wedding ring out of the safety deposit box so I could wear it to graduation. After I got home from graduation, I took it off to give to her and she said "you know, if you want it, you should keep it. It makes more sense for you to have it than for it to just sit in that box." And that was my favorite graduation present.
It's just a simple gold band. When my parents got married, my mom said she'd rather just buy a nice sleeping bag than have a ring. So they got matching gold bands and sleeping bags. And I love that.
I love the way the rings feels on my finger. A whole lot.

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