Sunday, June 10, 2012

Quote Sunday

I put this in my journal Monday night:

Most of this past week that made my heart sing. And this quote got me through the other parts that broke my heart. But I don't know if I can explain why, exactly.
I think it's because, to me, it means the same thing as the Beloved quote "anything dead coming back to life hurts." Growth doesn't come without sacrifices. Growing is messy. Growing up is messy. And when you plant a tree, your hands get dirty. But it's okay, because they you have a sapling. And that sapling grows into a tree. And that tree is so beautiful and big and important that it doesn't matter that your hands got dirty planting it.
At graduation, I talked about the Paul Valery quote “a poem is never finished only abandoned.” And that Valery is saying that you can beat a poem like a dead horse unless you’re willing to put it to rest and understand that better poems are waiting to be written. Which, I guess, is the same thing I'm trying to say. There are trees waiting to be planted. I just have to let go so that my hands are free to get dirty planting. And it's hard, but that's okay. It's okay to have a hard time saying goodbye. Because, it's worth it. There are so many beautiful things in the future.
I have faith in that.

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