Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Full Circle

In a really wonderful way, everything in my world came full circle yesterday.
(Okay, well, maybe not everything).
First, I got to drive a Waterford golf cart. The janitors drive them all around campus. I've wanted to drive one forever. And we were doing senior service day stuff, and guess who finally got to drive one?
This girl.

I also went ahead and had a Perks of Being a Wallflower "I feel infinite" moment:

So then in the afternoon, we helped out with field day. Field day is the thing that the lower school does every last week of school where the kids wear normal non-uniform clothes and do activities outside for the afternoon. In lower school, it's basically the best thing ever.
It was incredibly fun to play with the kids. I love kids. I am coming to terms with the fact that I'm incredibly maternal.

So the way it worked was that each senior or pair of seniors was assigned a class to go along with. And I got a Kindergarten class. I walked into the room to introduce myself, and the teacher called me by name. I was semi-confused until she said "I had you in my nursery classes." As it turns out, she taught me in nursery threes, making her the first teacher I ever had at Waterford. There is some kind of incredible closure about spending my first full day at Waterford and my last full day at Waterford with the same woman. 
Even though there's a list of things I hate about Waterford, I really do love this place. Leaving isn't all that easy at all. In fact, it kinda hurts. Graduation anxiety set in yesterday at 5:30 right after I left the hair salon. I don't know how to say goodbye to this place that I've lived my whole life. For fifteen years, I've been showing up at 8am, Monday - Friday, September-June. I just don't know what it means to stop doing that. And once I say goodbye, it really is gone. I don't get to be a Waterford student anymore. I'm no longer entitled to email teachers at midnight for feedback on something I'm writing, and I no longer get to wear that uniform the signifies I belong.
Not belonging to the one place I belong. I just can't reconcile that. 

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