Friday, June 8, 2012

Fourth Grade Me

So once upon a May 17, 2004, my fourth grade teacher had us write letters to senior selves. And once upon a last week, she mailed them out. Here's mine:

Dear senior version of me,
I will be on the Waterfod swim team if they have one. I will be taking French and playing the claranet. I will be trying our 4 alot. I want 2 go to BYU. I want 2 try 2 convince whoever it should be Waterford warthogs not ravens. I will still think Orlando Bloom is cute.
When I graduate I will be a layer I still want to be friends with Kasandra, Jeannie, Syd, and Chandler (the girl). I want 2 have better handwriting. I want 2 have a laptop and a phone.
Remember in forth grade when Megan Rimlisbacker taped her mouth shut to keep from laughing. Her face was so red. My favorite color is orange.
the fourth grade version of me

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